Monday, 31 March 2008

a trip down memory lane...(pics to come later)

(toyah wilcox, just how much did i want to be this woman?!)

have had a very nice day, i just thoght i would share that sentiment with you!
weather-wise its been the best day so far, sunny, mild, blue skies, really lovely - i spent far too much money, craft shops, book shops, knitting magazines, took my daughter for a pub lunch, the lot& have bought an 80s triple cd that just came out today, oh the memories (yes yes, i know, i am REALLY REALLY old!), without a shadow of a doubt the best times in my life so far, loved that whole era, art college, everything
(this, when i was around 14, was sex on a stick)

i wanted to be toyah, (see above), i made pretty much everything i wore, saw millions & trillions of bands, dyed my hair with bleach & food colouring (hair dyes didnt exist in yorkshire!), & stuck my mohican up with sugared water (gels didnt exist either)

these cds are brilliant, in my head i am now 17, if only i hadnt broken my record player then i could have brought down all my old punk vinyl.... this could end in a) tears, b) drunken mayhem or c) with me in traction!!

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Kookie said...

ahhhh VINYL : )
I still play my old records, there's nothing like the scratches and crackles to add to the ambience as SAXON scream "where were you in '79" *lol*