Thursday, 3 April 2008

a beautiful day...

In my dressing gown this morning, slobbing, I did one of those spur of the moment things & decided to go to the seaside! Obviously Scarborough. Checked trains, got dressed, war paint etc, & off in a taxi all within the space of 30 minutes, got the train with ten minutes to spare.

Am reading a fabulous book about Marie Antoinette & fashion, good job i love it because there was a 45 minute hold up (broken tracks, yes I suppose that's a good enough excuse).

And oh, worth every minute of any delay, I LOVE Scarborough - many many childhood memories (there's a totally separate post). So without further ado - Ladies & Gentlemen, I proudly present:


This is the Spa, have loved this since being very young, a real sun trap in the summer - I sat enjoying the sea view, eating cake (oh it's a hard life)

And it's not all grey (actually it was sunny, these pictures were taken about 4.30 pm when the sun was starting to fade... but THESE were taken a bit earlier over at the North Bay where they are redeveloping everything... (i HATE trying to add pictures to this blog, they go all oevr the place then vanish. I give up - easier to write another post later & add the rest of the pictures. Not that anyone but me ever reads this...)
Anyway - it was a lovely lovely day. So there.


Samsara said...

Not true! I peek now and again *lol*

Penny said...

It's very lovely there! The pictures I sometimes have trouble adding too!!