Sunday, 30 June 2013

In which very little happens.

I do rather like the strange things I tend to gather.
Book, obviously (I am going through a crime phase, having read all the Harry Hole books, plenty of others of varying levels of interest, and then found Peter James. Nothing superb but a good read).
Scissors - yes, they had a use.
Reel of strong cotton? Ditto.
Kitchen roll?
The unseen bottle of essential oil?

Ah well,anyone who has wandered through this bit of blogland will understand the lettuce. If I am sitting in theTeenyTiny Garden, chances are that PSidney isn't far away.

How I love thee fatty piggy.
And why yes, of course I potter in the garden bedecked in a silky long shirt.

He is without doubt the most wonderful piggy I have had (and I have always had piggies).

I didn't venture out until lateish, 7pm ish. Grand Prix then a snooze, priorities.
We haven't been blessed with wonderful weather lately, downpour on Thursday, no idea what Friday was like, most days have been warmish but cloudy and very windy.
But I took the spinning wheel outside today, stood it on the garden table and gave it a damned good clean and oil (hence the cotton, paper towels and scissors), finished with a wipe down with a mix of essential oil so it now smells luvverly.

I planned to take part in the Tour de Fleece on Ravelry again, but one thing being ill  has taught me is that I am fekkin hopeless at  working to a timescale or plan. I haven't used either wheel for ages, maybe a year, so if nothing else the incentive has resulted in a clean wheel.
Fibre is all upstairs and my knees simply don't want to go there, so it can wait until tomorrow.

Or whenever.
It's ok.

Hospital last Thursday was a bit of a concern - I have mild angina, and have been having quite bad chest pains etc lately. I had an ECG on Thursday (oh the sheer horror of trying to get my bra off when I cannot unfasten it easily, and the embarrassment of my lovely consultant fiddling about with my less than lovely bosoms!). I do apologise for that mental image ..... my (male) nurse couldn't find a gown so came back with two  huuuuge sheets. I asked if it was a toga party.  I found one of those sticky pads under one boob when I went home (every single time I have had an ECG I have found a sticky pad! On my ankle usually).

Anyway, thankfully the ECG results were fine but I have been referred for an 'urgent' appointment with the cardiologist. Poor mum looked a bit shellshocked.

The RA has been a sod lately, had some terrible pains in my right knee. Left wrist needs a carpal tunnel op but I cannot have anything done, even steroids, whilst on this trial. Heyho.
No improvement in my results this month but I have managed to keep my weight down again. When I say 'down' I mean 'the same', which is better than it going up as it did for the first six months.

We are going through some rather worrying times at the moment with close family illness, so this disease of mine and being fat matters little. Sigh.

Anyway, moving on.
I managed to get my painting to the 'almost finished' stage. It needs work on the bow, face and hair.

Handies haven't been up to it lately, but as with anything else it will get done at some point.

Ditto knitting. This pocket flap idea didn't work - look at those messy edges.
It has been reworked and I think is much neater now, piccies to come.

I have some veh tall lillies in bud and lots of windmills.
Things could be worse.

Go and give someone you love a great big hug please.
Thank you.
Toodles for now.

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