Friday, 24 May 2013

Bikini days and picnics.

Don't think I have worn a bikini since I was about 9, for which the world is extremely grateful. Or gratefuk as I originally typed.

I  know I am not alone in being utterly fed up with this godawful weather.
Pouring down.
Very windy.
Chuffin' cold  .
2C - what's that  all about?

I don't  want to do anything, I am fed up and suspect I am turning into a big flabby slug.

By hell there are some MONSTROUS slugs in the garden, eeewwwwww.

I have done that knitting thing - still  haven't blocked the jumper I finished so it is  likely that finished thing #2 will remain invisible for years. Or maybe sorted tomorrow.  It is black, it is tank-toppish, it is possibly ridiculous.
Such is life.

I nearly wet myself just then ! It is what, 12.23 in the morning and a cat just did one those loud, weird scraaaoooolllllll cries right outside the door! As the door opens straight into this tiny living  room it was LOUD!

Thanks cat.  I nearly piddled on the settee.

I was about to witter on about misery and illness and life being rather shitty, but loud cat noise has made me grin and decide to go to bed.
I tend to nod off around 3am, have ridiculously clear action-insanity packed  dreams and wake up drained at about 6am. Joy.

But at least screeeeeeeeeechy cat has saved you from my teenage-esque angst ridden ramblings.
For now .......

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