Saturday, 20 April 2013

Smile. Mostly garden stuff. Might be boring. Mention of boobs.

There has been sun, sort of. I slept through most of it, but the garden enjoyed it.


This is the time when I start to wonder what the hell I actually planted - those layers upon layers of bulbs are all coming through in a mass of pert and perky buds  (modom).

The pansies are from several years ago and make it through every winter.

Ditto the hyacinth - there are  a couple more in bud, this one is next to the doorstep and smells so good. That isn't rain, it's watering can water - due to rain tomorrow though.

I love these tattery, multi layered daffs too, again I think these were cheapo bulbs from Wilko many years ago.

How pretty!
Hmmmmm..... I have just noticed there are no  piiiiink flowers yet, that needs rectifying asap.

What about these! Fabulous, these are new - so so pretty. They are very stumpy, like yours truly, but the colours  are so pretty. The softest creamy yellow tinged with a pinky red.

A deep rich egg yolk yellow inside, and those leaves! Deeply variegated with an almost purple colour. There look to  be maybe 3 more yet to flower.

I have many shells scattered in various pots, just because. It makes me smile when the buds start coming through and liiiiiifting the shells into the air!


He really needs some googly eyes glueing on.

What else?
Health - not great. Still waiting for the neck  x-ray results, two weeks and counting. By hell it hurts.
Amazing how much we take something like a neck for granted until it goes wrong, then you understand just how much you use it! Grrrrrrr.

Small Bob went with me for the x-rays, and managed the good old tricky hospital gown with decidedly more aplomb than me.

I got stuck.
Completely and utterly stuck.
The more I tugged the tighter the knot became.
Reaching behind my neck is NOT the best thing with knackered hands, fingers and neck.
Summoning a nurse? Noooooooo. Stubborn, thassme.

Aha! Brainwave - tiny scissors in knitting bag, can snip through the tie.
Pah. Knitting bag is with mum in waiting area.
Tug. Tighter. Grrrrr.

I ended up taking  my specs off and squeeeeeeEEEEEzing the gown over my nose, stuffed my bra in my handbag (there is nothing more flippin' annoying than fastening a bra when you have RA), pulled my teeshirt on, arranged my shawl to cover any droopy boobness  and  excited, with a red face and very ruffled hair.

Pure class, that's me.

May that image haunt you ;-)

I lost another tooth last night, that's the second since  starting the RoActemra infusions. Add to losing my toe nail (bork, sorry) - I am convinced it is attacking my calcium levels. Or vitamin D.
So I ended up with raging toothache last night which didn't help my already miserable grumpyarse mood. It has eased a bit (thank you Tramadol) but I have a sore tongue from the sharp bits left.

Best part?
I am not allowed dental work unless absolutely essentail because of the drugs - risk of infection, crap  immune system and very slow healing.
Hey ho.

Bye for now,
stumpy toothless nail-less grumpy pink person.

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