Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Good day to you, and you and you.

Sorry. That is not what's happening here. Oh dearie me no.

That was taken last year, almost exactly to the day.
Slightly different!


There are tiny buds, but nothing else at all - I thought I was remembering it all wrong until I checked last year's photos - blossom. Heat, Sunshine. Freckles.
More like frostbite this year.

Last year:

This year:

Poor tree!

Even the daffs daren't flower - the leetle tiny ones are open and look lovely, and a crocus - but the daffs and tulips refuse.


I risked planting some seeds yesterday, only a few types and only half a packet of each, just in case. I don't think we are due any vast improvement in the weather in the next week or two.

I found an excellent deal on Sarah Raven seeds, usually very good quality - these were all 99p per packet.
Sarah Raven

Sunflowers, sweet peas, something I cannot remember .... loads more to plant and I bought some more seed trays today.
I do love my teeny tiny greenhouse (it's one of those plastic things from Wilko, it does the jpb and takes up very little room).

What else?
Knitting is happening as and when hands allow, I will take some piccies when I remember. I have an almost finished hat, an almost finished jacket and - erm - lots of other almost finished things.

At the moment I am making 'A Thing'. Hand sewn, as I find that easier than bending over the machine (dreadful neck pain).


This particular part is about half finished - no rush.
More to come .....

Before I pootle off to check my tea (quinoa salad with crushed new potatoes) please say hello to my new friend.

Hello, Small Bob.

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