Sunday, 10 March 2013

Yo, Sexy Muvvas!

Happy Muvva's Day, all.

Although every day is a mumsie's day.

The dear daughter came for tea today which was lovely - we nipped out to see if Charlie would appear, but I wasn't hopeful as it was late afternoon and chuffin' freezing. But there he appeared in his tree.
Kez asked if he would fly away if she tried to take a photo, I said probably not.

And fly away he did -

right onto his food tub!

Great to have someone there to get a photo - he then walked round and sat inside the tub before flying back to the tree with a beak full of goodies.
I am absolutely chuffed to bits!

('Scuse the roots of my hair, I am in dire need of bleaching!). (I have bleach, have dye, have a dreadfully painful neck).

Robin Whisperer, that's me.
As Kez pointed out, he didn't budge until I spoke to him - he definitely seems to like the sound of a human voice. (I say he, no idea if he is a he at all!).

I am perfectly happy with the neighbours thinking I stand and talk to the tree every day.

It is absolutely BITTER out there tonight, so stay warm and safe. First time my washing has frozen solid on the line in a few years! Mum did point out that's probably because I am not usually daft enough to hang it out when it is minus figures ....

Film for me now (Limitless) and knitting (cobble) - which is trickyish but enjoyable. Slow, very slow as my hands are hating it but I think it will be worth it. And chocolate.

Keep warm!


Susie said...

Dear Agony Aunt Sulky,

I love your little bird friend and I'm glad you had a nice day, it sounds lovely. However please could you help me with a question. How do you keep your hair so marvellously bright. Mine is coloured on bleach at the moment (it is red) but it keeps washing out and then I look the same colour as a truss or elastic bandage. Do you keep redoing yours, or, do you use some marvellous dye which I have not heard of. Information greatly appreciated! ;-)

Yours sincerely


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're able to get out and about in your garden. Adorable pic of Charlie. How jealous I am! I enjoy your blog very much. Just not much of a poster. Please take care. papiokc