Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I love it.
I joined then cleared all my boards a while ago when there was a hooha about the legal implications of pinning / copyright. But the lure of OOOOH PRETTY! was too much.

After a week of almost (ok, absolutely) obsessive pinning I have reached the following conclusions.

  • everything in the entire world should apparently be painted with chalk paint
  • every item of furniture should be covered with hessian (or burlap if you are American)
  • ditto drop cloth
  • ditto white / grey / cream paint
  • did I mention chalk paint?
  • ModPodge can be made from the innards of small mammals, caustic soda and orange juice
  • if it hasn't already got a frill, add one
  • if it has, add three more
  • if it stands still long enough, slap some floral paper on it, then stamp it with French script and possibly some home made ModPodge
  • then paint it white / grey / cream
  • American homes are somewhat bigger than mine
  • American bathrooms are somewhat bigger than my entire house
  • American mudrooms / laundry rooms / nooks / book rooms / guest bathrooms / stoops / kitchen sinks are bigger than my entire house and half of the street put together
  • if in doubt about your food, add butter, sugar, food colouring (ideally pink) and more butter
  • and possibly home made ModPodge
  • apple cider vinegar, epsom salts, washing soda crystals, ModPodge, grey paint and hessian combined will make an excellent natural face pack or hair rinse
  • I am hopelessly hooked on Pinterest

Now this - this is a most excellent use of hessian!

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