Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Two things.

1) Norovirus is evil. Am still ill but nothing like it has been.

2) I really hope people are watching the Jimmy Savile documentary with open minds. To those who say it is disgusting and why didn't they say something when he was alive, there are several answers to that.
Fear. Self disgust. Successful grooming by a powerful man with very high up friends. Shame. A completely different social awareness. People are finding it extemely difficult to believe now - imagine how hard it would have been when he was at the peak of his popularity and fame?

Yes it is disgusting - but it is NOT the victims who are disgusting. I was about to type 'only one person is disgusting' but that isn't true. Too many people have lied for years about this, it is absolutely common knowledge not just here in Leeds. The 'stories' - reports, anecdotes, whatever you want to call them, so very many of them.

I won't go into more detail except to say this - these allegations are just the tip of a very big, deeply unpleasant iceberg.

I know who I believe, do you?


andrea said...

I know who I believe.

About 10 years ago I worked for a Home Care company that had it's main office on the edge of Roundhay park. They had a client who lived in the same building as this man. I was in that office the day all the Leeds staff were told in no uncertain terms to never get in the lift with him. He had tried to touch up one of the staff in the lift. Thankfully she had given him a good wollop and called him a dirty old man.

Unfortunately the company closed down 18 months later and we were never told the name of the staff member it happened to. I think I would be going to the police if I had a bit more information.

memeto12 said...

julia, so hope by now that you are feeling much better. wondered where you were, am so behind, didn't realize that you were having such a bad bout with things. much love, hugs (yes, i remember you don't care for actually hugging - these are just virtual - hopefully they will suffice) take care and please get to feeling more yourself - lots of people are praying/rooting for you and much needed relief. love ya, judy