Sunday, 21 October 2012

No snazzy title, sorry.

Firstly, thank you for the lovely comments last week - it is reassuring to know others understand the slow life, and don't see it as being lazy etc.
Thank you.

The last few days have been ok really - the sun has shone, it is very frustrating not to have the energy to go round the park or somewhere for a walk when it is so pretty, but I can't do a damned thing about that so no use dwelling on it. My daughter says anytime, just give her a shout and she will come round and go pottering with me - I want to go and gather some fir cones, and look at the trees and their Autumn leaves.

But despite not being able to pootle about as I would like, things have been mellow - rather suitable for this time of year I think.

It is hard to be miserable with this little fatty on your knee:
He really is the most adorable little piggy I have had (and I have had several over the years). He sat on my knee for an hour or more last night, singing away to himself and nodding off. Every time I stopped stroking him he licked my hand and nudged me until I started again.

He seems to think he is a cat, he curls right round in a ball on my knee.
He LOATHES my glasses and tries to kill them - I don't know if he can see his refelction or something in them, but he tries to rive them off with his teeth, make my daughter laugh everytime he does it - good job they are just my manky 'at home' specs!
PSidney, you are a lovely little piggy.

This hydrangea has been the star of the summer, and continues to look beautiful - it is the most gorgeous shade of pink (many pinks) and has started to do that delicate skeleton leaf thing, which I think is simply beautiful.
This small plant has given me so much pleasure.
I am amazed so many things are still blooming - the pinks are onto what must be their fourth flowering. Must be the sunshine, and although there is a definite change to the air (and we have had a few downright cold nights) it's been - mostly - relatively mild.

Slow roasted tomatoes to go into a cheese and tomato flan, delicious. (My gluten free pastry was bloody awful tonight, not sure what went wrong there as it's usually edible if not tasty - thankfully the contents were much nicer!).
If you haven't bothered slow roasting a load of toms it really is worthwhile - slice them thickly, drizzle in olive oil and ideally basil  and leave them in the oven for a few hours, on a verrrry low temperature.

I don't seem to have much interest in food at the moment - by rights with that and the constant stomach upsets I should be a size 6 - but I had some very tasty new potatoes with the flan and was glad I had made the effort.

Knitting is happening - I am plodding through a cardi - well not plodding as that sounds negative and I am really enjoying this, but it is slow going. It is a Louisa Harding one I started - and almost finished - a couple of years ago, but when I wet blocked it all the black dye ran into the pink wool and I was fuming, chucked the whole thing in the bin.
It's this pattern:

Pocket Watch from the Queen of Hearts book. Mine is in black, pinks and greys (just for a change).
Piccies to come - that waist band ribbing seemed to take forever!

I am also knitting 'things' - some are pressies so piccies when they have been received, some are for what I am hoping to be a woodlandy themed Christmas (yes I said the C word, sorry) tree and decorations. I have some silly plan that we can go and steal a branch from the woods and make it look EXACLY like the expensive John Lewis ones .... hmmmmm.

OOOOOH - before I forget, I DID come up with a rather marvellous and - thought I say it myself - very impressive invention. One can tell one went to art college. Brace yerself -

Sulky's Patented Bra Dryer
Dragons' Den here I come.

That's your lot for now (I suspect the sight of my bras has finished you all off completely, sorry_ - but before I go, how utterly wondrous are these little blighters:


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Your little friend is really cute! But not as cute as the brippers/slead. Clothing you can eat. Excellent! Tiddy x
PS. I cant comment on your bra hanger, as I dont know what a bra is >_<

Christiane said...

Lovely little piggy ;) And I love those bread slippers...must do those for my son, I think they would surprise him lol ;)