Saturday, 7 January 2012

First finished items of 2012.

Amazingly I seem to be getting some knitting done.

Small things at the mo but that's fine.

Firstly the infamous 'snoncho' - blatantly copied from the lovely Janice as I liked hers so much. Tis a poncho thingy (technical term) which I wouldn't have thought of actually making despite liking it - but an extra layer is always a good thing.

I bought some discontinued 'mohair' (ie acrylic mix stuff) for the grand sum of £1.31 for several balls, from fleabay. As it is softish and thickish it did perfectly for this project (which should have been in Kidsilk Aura)(I didn't want to use up my precious Kidsilk just yet):
Roomy enough to be able to move one's arms, always a bonus! 'Scuse the iffy photo, looks like my lens needs a clean. Why yes that IS my baby photo in the background ;-)
Took me a few evenings mindless knitting which was ideal with the new tablets, zombies can knit it seems - would be a two day project if I was firing on all cylinders.
Pattern is Aimee, by Kim Hargreaves in the now discontinued Thrown Together book, link here: Aimee

I also made a warm hat - yes I DO look a knobber in hats as I have said before, but what the hell.

Erm - yes I know it looks nowt in this piccy, it does look loads better on I promise! Will take a photo when I have warpaint on - looks less like a baby's bonnet on. Truly.
Pattern is Capucine, from Ravelry, link here: Capucine and knit in Sublime Chunky, Merino Tweed which is very very soft, in charcoal. Cost around a fiver in total which isn't at all bad for a warm hat. A touch bluey but not as blue as the photo. Again this is a very speedy, simple knit - I used the mods from Ravelry as it is a small knit if following the pattern exactly.

I have also almost finished the back of a simple, baggy (hopefully) jumper in the black fakey mohair - Sid, from Precious by Kim Hargreaves. I thought it would be a handy jumper to throw on at home, or wear over a slip style dress if I ever get my head round the concept of sewing again. A link here: Sid.

I have an order for one of the KiT organisers which is brilliant, very pleased about that!
I really need to get some sewing done but am so very tired at the moment, the new medication and painkillers have given me a bit of a kicking lately.

Ooooh! How could I forget - the hugely exciting news - to me at least - one of the test knits I did recently has been photographed, printed and will be published in February! It was for the spring Louisa Harding books and can be seen here:
Marguerite Mine is the last photo, Willow. I can't claim kudos for the finishing, I sent it in unseamed - but how exciting to see it professionally modelled!

From this to this:
Highly recommend - my body doesn't quite lend itself to the long lean shape but I really enjoyed knitting it, and plan to make myself one when the booklet is available to wear with a floofy sticky outy skirt. There's a jacket too, am waiting to see if that makes it into one of the booklets as well!

Exciting enough to be knitting for a top designer, doubly so that my two favourites are Louisa Harding and Kim Hargreaves - this definitely perked me up last year, to have something to do for someone else and feel I was doing something worthwhile again.

That's it for now, more to come soon - enjoy the weekend.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Ooh is that mine it has cats on?

sulkycat said...

those are owls! dearie me amber, have you had too much black pudding?
i do have cat fabric galore though, will send you some piccies and you can choose

Stickmamma said...

It is fantastic! What does it organize more than your knittingstuff? I am very interested!