Thursday, 19 January 2012


Made you jump!

Back, with some knitting finished. This cardi was meant to be finished for my daughter at Christmas but it didn't quite work out like that. The actual knitting was done all but one sleeve.
I know myself well enough that if I don't finish something from start to end then it becomes less and less appealing as time goes by - I have the attention span of a gnat.

So I am delighted to have finished this - I hope it fits, the underarms look maybe a tad snug. The Great Trying On will be on Sunday.

Anyway - Eco Wool, which has to be my all time favourite wool. Pattern from my own brain - the tree is a free pattern from Ravelry that I altered, made the branches longer and more spindly.

Press studs at the front, might sew buttons on just for decoration at some point. Will see what she thinks.
I am chuffed with how the cables MOSTLY blend into the deep ribbing:
Took a few goes, and the tree sections don't blend as well on the back. The rest of it works though.
The cable runs down the middle of each sleeve too, long ribbed cuffs to fold back if needed.

I did write notes as I went - and cannot find them (about par for this house lately). I really fancy one for myself so will TYPE AND SAVE notes as I go second time around, there's quite a bit of interest on Ravelry about how to make it.

What would I change?
The sleeves - not mad keen on drop shoulders, but for a first go at a pattern I think it's ok.
The front bands - just need to have a couple of extra stitches added.
Not much else yet - might add more whenb it's actually on a human body!

What I like?
The trees!
The collar, am very happy with that - took a couple of goes altering the increases to make it lie nicely but I got there in the end.
The deep ribbing.

Hurrah for knitting!

Black floofy jumper is almost finished too.

What else - aha, a little visitor! Not so little really, the washing line shakes like hell when it lands.
Not the world's best photo as it was taken through the window, the nets and from the living room! He's lovely, a really fat bright robin who came all last year too.


Carola said...

Very nice looking cardigan! Nice job, with all that you've got going on it's nearly a miracle! Imnpressive!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a beautiful cardigan. You should write this pattern up ... if you have time of course