Sunday, 11 May 2008

and more...

some pretty things on a lovely hot day...indulge me....
amazingly this & the blossom are from the car park at work - and the area where i work is pretty grim....this little lot is worth waiting for every year

and these were my garden today - excuse the slightly arty farty border wotsits, i like playing with my camera editing, i know it's a tad naff... my much missed nan always had lots of pansies, i love them grinning at me

and this is beeeeaaauuuooootiful wallpaper! no idea where i saw it, so sorry if it's hijacked from your blog, but i love it !
it's been a beautiful day (factor 25, it's like lard, i feel i should attempt to swim the atlantic not sit in the garden)

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jm said...

hi sulky--i just took a look at you blog-why because i can :) the flowers and garden are beautious and i like that you play with your borders!! see you on monthly adventures

jmknitster-aka joan