Saturday, 31 October 2015

Is it me you're looking for?

Someone is looking at me.
hello, who are you?!

Crikey - hello!
How the devil are you? Long time no see, etc etc.

6 months on I suppose I should have something of interest to post, but nope. Uh uh. Zilch. I do have some piccies - want to see?

The obligatory feet on bench pic - as you can see I had just given birth to bootiful baby - erm - beans. Absolutely no idea why I took this, might have been sunstroke. Whatever. 
The garden has been beautiful this year - tiny, cluttered, chaotic, all that and beautiful.

These were pretty expensive bulbs but worth every penny - also worth every single horrible red lily beetle, I showed no mercy and stamped on every one I found. The spawn of red lily beetle also went. Every day - little fekkers ate all my lilies one year, so I was chuffed to bits that these fabulous plants not only survived but flourished.

I have an assortment of tulip bulbs (half planted, half still to plant), so hopefully they will be as stunning as the lilies. I also have loads from good old Wilko so something should grow.

I bought these (pics from the website);
Green wave

Spring. Bring it on. 

Healthwise - not great. Will write more later, nothing earth shatteringly dangerous but not great.
Because of health issues, I haven't done much or been to many places, even with my lovely man on hand (so to speak)(minds OUT of the gutter perlease). Snigger.

These little loves keep me happy, I think a piggy post is needed at some point. Lovely little fatties.
A little of this has been happening (still need to finish writing this up, plans in my head don't often transfer to the typing / making state). 
I have managed to make some of these ('scuse crappy pics).
I will take some better photos asap, and get them listed on Etsy  and /or Ravelry. I liked the packaging / display bits at first but now think they look a tad fussy. Undecided ....
Want some? Just ask!

And that's it for now - nothing exciting, just pootling along. 

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Hurrah! The piggies and the flowers and the garden generally look lovely!