Friday, 7 February 2014

Slushy soppy warning.

Firstly, thank you for the replies to the 'Fine Thanks' post.

Secondly- brace yourselves.
What can I say?

Let the piccies speak for themselves:

Oh yes.Unicorns AND rainbows.

And glitter. Shiny happy glitter.
No no! Don't run away, come back!

Remember your first love?
How long ago was that- are you still in touch? Still together?
My first love, blimey. A long time ago but also a mere week ago. Oh yes. We have stayed in sporadic touch over the years (many years), and met up recently. And flippin' ek, watch this space because I still haven't stopped grinning and hope I never do.
For now I am going to continue grinning like a loon and scattering unicorn farts and rainbows everywhere I go.

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Sweet Camden Lass said...

Hurrah for unicorn farts!