Thursday, 21 November 2013


Tempting isn't it - what happened to those crisp Autumnal days where prancing through the leaves was too crunchy to resist? This year has been mostly soggy and grey, ick. I keep collecting rather beautiful leaves from the big tree in the garden, planning to do something arty with them - then they go all crumbly and end up in the bin.
Mum dipped some leaves in wax for a school project of mine when I was about 8, I should give that a go - some of these leaves are gorgeous and I know that poor tree will be bare as a bare thing before long.

No photos today - I thought I had lots of recentish ones already downloaded but apparently not.
Must remedy that - I tend to use this half-hearted blog as a visual diary for me, and do like skimming through my favourite photos.

In fact I might go and start sorting the lack of piccies thing now - I cannot think of much to write about off the top of my head, other than the usual health trials and tribulations.

And before I forget (use this as reminder, Sulks!) - inspired by Roobedo's '40 before 50' I think I might play about with something similar. 48 next year. Yikes ....

Back soon.

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