Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Illness-free post.

Plenty of pretty pictures instead ;-)

Right - more spinning. Rainbow stuff which is going to be something for a friend's baby.

Ah the joy of big photos - now I can see all the faults in it!
Ah well, it's soft and pretty. So there.

I am aiming to spin myself enough wool to knit a cardi - I settled on Grey Masham (massam), partly because it's a lovely shade and 'proper' sheepy wool, and partly because Masham is a rather lovely little village / town in Yorkshire where I have spent many a wild (ie drunken) night, It is also the place I managed to get my FOOT stuck in one of those post-box-in-a-wall things. Don't ask.

It isn't as soft as I had hoped for (the wool not my foot or the post box) but it smells wonderfully, softly sheepy and I like it, Great shade of grey too.
It has come out when plied as a pretty decent, consistent DK weight which is perfect. I think cables, maybe a tree, cardigan. Bright pink buttons?
Ahead of myself somewhat as this is the first skein of it - a HUGE  amount to spin still (I bought a kilo!).

What else?
This lovely assortment is going to become a bag:
Booootiful colours in reality. I had some of this colourway a while ago and it scoffed by moths, resulting in a mega wool inspection / bagging session the other year. Bloody moths.
Anyway, again cables, own design, making up as I go sort of thing planned.

Not wool obviously, but my bargainous buy - this is a lovely vase for an equally lovely £1.99. Excellent. Please ignore any muck on the window sill.
I am.
And for me, a throw of many cables blocks. Half way through the second block and I became a bit bored, so this has been shoved to one side in favour of some mitts and a scarf (scarf finished, mitts almost finshed).

There - not a single mention of illness.


jayneb said...

Your rainbow hand spun is beautiful :-)

sulkycat said...

Thank you! it's a bit hit and miss but I really like it